11 September 2008

Music for 9-11

It's Sept. 11 again, and that means remembering the victims of terrorism. Victims of a plot to undermine a democratic nation. A plot that was planned and funded by the US government and carried out to perfection.

No, this isn't a conspiracy theory rant about 2001*. It's 1973, in the South American nation of Chile. Salvador Allende had been elected president in 1970 (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvador_Allende ). And the US wasn't happy. Through the CIA and other agents, the US supported the Chilean military in moving against the president.

...by mid-afternoon on 11 September, 1973, Chile had lost its President, Democracy had been dealt a blow that it would take 25 years to recover from and the world was about to witness one of the worst cases of political cleansing.

Nobody knows how many people died during the coup, but it goes without saying that many more died in the ensuing weeks and the military dictatorship that followed. Chilean liberals of all walks of life were rounded up and were either executed or 'disappeared'. One such example is Victor Jara, the celebrated folk singer, who was executed in the very stadium where he had played to great critical acclaim.
(source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A716591 )

I don't have any Victor Jara music at hand, but how about a little music from a Chilean band that lasted slightly longer than Allende's government. Los Tetas formed in 1995 and dissolved in 2004, in the meantime pumping out some tasty funk-rap grooves.

[mp3] Los Tetas: Tómala
from the album Tómala

*With all due respect to the events and victims of 2001, I think it's crucial to keep in mind that US history also includes acts that could be considered acts of terrorism against other sovereign nations. After US-backed General Augusto Pinochet took power in Chile in 1973, as many as 3,200 people were killed and 80,000 imprisoned by his government.

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