29 September 2008

Vote for Hope

MC Yogi - Vote for Hope- on SoundRoots.orgOnce again, I am amazed at the musical outpouring this US presidential election has inspired. And sorry John, they're not singing about you. At least, not that I know of. This one comes to us from MC Yogi, a yoga instructor, rapper, and "former graffiti artist" who has a new album just out called Elephant Power (think Ganesh with a boom box... which is actually the image used on the cover!). The song mixes Obama speeches with Yogi's rapping and some mellow hip-hop beats. Have a listen.

[mp3] MC Yogi: Vote for Hope
available as a free download at White Swan Records
check out the video!

Elephant Power includes a similar mix about the life of Gandhi, entitled "Be the Change." Kind of a musical Gandhi 101, great for anyone who's unaware of his history and accomplishments.

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Hargobind said...

This guy has a great sound