21 September 2008

World Music Top 10, September 2008

Yikes - I've got a big backlog of things I want to post, so I'll keep this brief. Here's the SoundRoots / Spin The Globe Top 10 World Music Albums chart for September 2008. The Brazil-meets-Klezmer album Legends of the Preacher hits #1 this week, followed closely by Chicago-based Bollywood-meets-funk band Funkadesi, who I gladly but belatedly discovered in recent months. For more on any album (sound samples, where to buy) click the title).Nation Beat - Legends of the Preacher - on SoundRoots.org

1. Nation Beat: Legends of the Preacher
2. Funkadesi:
Yo Baba
3. Mounira Mitchala:
Talou Lena
4. Afrissippi:
various artists: The Rough Guide to Romanian Gypsies
6. Neco Novellas:
New Dawn/ Ku Khata
7. Delhi 2 Dublin:
Delhi 2 Dublin
8. DeLeon:
9. Sidestepper:
Buena Vibra Sound System
10. Niyaz:
Nine Heavens

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