10 October 2008

Global Rhythm Drops Print Mag, Goes Digital Only

Subscribers to Global Rhythm magazine may be in for a shock this week. Instead of a November issue, subscribers will find in their mailbox a copy of the November relix magazine, a decidedly less global publication, with a letter from the Global Rhythm brass explaining that "due to astronomical costs increases and our desire to reach a broader audience, we have decided to take [Global Rhythm] completely digital."

The Global Rhythm website shows no sign of this change as of this writing, and offers a free one-year trial subscription to the digital magazine, though the July 2008 issue is the most recent issue available online.

Global Rhythm has diverged somewhat from its focus on global music to include less worldly folk and rock as well as travel and food features. Like me, some readers may wonder if this contributed to the demise of the print magazine. And those who still want a global-music-centered print product may well turn to alternative publications such as fRoots and Songlines.

We're sad to see the demise of the print Global Rhythm, but if the magazine can thrive as an online publication, that's far preferable to its complete disappearance. SoundRoots wishes everyone at Global Rhythm the best during the transition. And we hope they get the website updated pronto!

For now we're going to dig into relix and see if there's anything besides the one-page Global Beat section (featuring Burning Spear) that would be of interest to world music fans.

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