22 October 2008

GumbObama - Cajuns and Fulanis for Change

More Obama songs!

First we're eagerly anticipating the new release Mansa America by Fula Flute, which drops Dec. 1. They've kindly sprung us a sneak peak in the form of "Obama Song," which you can download free at www.fulaflute.net

You can watch the video here.

Our second new Obama song comes from Louisiana, which once was a solidly red state, but whether because of Katrina response memories or other reasons, is showing some movement toward Democratic blue.

Several prominent Cajun, Creole and Zydeco musicians have banded together to show their support for Democratic Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama. "Oui, On Peut!" (Cajun French for "Yes, We Can!") is a zydeco two-step that bears Barack Obama's messages of hope and positivity. The video (available on YouTube) offers English subtitles for the Cajun French lyrics. Featured musicians on the track include Dirk Powell and Christine Balfa Powell (of Balfa Toujours), Linzay Young (of the Red Stick Ramblers), Jeffrey Broussard (of the Creole Cowboys), Corey "Li'l Pop" Ledet and Zydeco Joe Citizen, and the accompanying video features a myriad of musician and dancer friends from the great state of Louisiana.

[mp3] various artists: Oui, On Peut!
as seen on thewhirlybird.com

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