08 October 2008

Mostly Acoustic French Diaspora Music

CD REVIEWPutumayo Presents Acoustic France - on SoundRoots.org
Putumayo Presents Acoustic France

The first song on the new Putumayo compilation Acoustic France begins with a bossa nova guitar riff and cuica. Continental confusion? Naw...this really is French music. What could be more French than a breakthrough hit about unemployment? And the "cuica" on the song "Assedic / Welfare" is in fact a voice. Oh, those clever French!

I'm a little puzzled about Putumayo's definition of "acoustic" however. Sandrine Kimberlain's poppy "Le Quotiden" features some (admittedly tasty) organ and electric guitar. But what the heck -- the "France" part of the title is also stretched by including New Brunswick singer Pascal Lejeune and San Francisco group Rupa & the April Fishes. In any case, expect some engaging tunes by great French-speaking artists, and you can decide for yourself if maybe it should be called "Mostly Acoustic French Diaspora."

Hear song samples and read more at Putumayo's website

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