23 October 2008

Yes on the Beach

Binario: Binario
Far Out Recordings

Yes on the beach.
Binario - Brazilian prog-rock - on SoundRoots.org
That's not an affirmation of where I'd like to spend my next vacation. It's a reasonable description of the sound of Brazilian band Binario. They've got something of the prog-rock sensibility and rhythmic adventurousness of the famed British group, while keeping things a bit more melodic. It's really only when the group vocals (more like drunken shout-singing, really) kick in on the third track, "Balinha," that you know your ears have strayed beyond the Anglo progressive scene. It may not be the "world music" we expect from Brazil, but Binario's fresh angle on space-funk-psychedelic-jazz may have you thinking of Ipanema in a whole new light.

[mp3] Binario: Amor Liquido
from the CD Binario

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