16 November 2008

Aggressively Obtuse Is the New Hip

I love the public radio show The World, but then you probably would expect that from a blogger fixated on global music and culture. So I had to laugh at the comments on the blog Airbag Moments about the show and its "Global Hit" segment:PRI's The World - on SoundRoots.org

Aside from The World’s parchingly dry style, the only other complaint I have about the show is the time it wastes on aggressively obtuse world music coverage at the end of each episode. The more incongruously hybridized a musical group is, the more eager The World is to provide them with publicity.

Then again I do loves me some Tutsi/Cambodian trance-ragtime played on found antique Inuit toy instruments by Chechen octogenarians.

Now I'm thinking of renaming this blog Aggressively Obtuse World Music -- 'cause it's just such a compelling phrase.

Or, maybe not.

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