17 November 2008

Monday's mp3: Lisbon Bagpipers

Well honestly, they do more than just piping. There's also some great male vocal harmonies, and percussion. I don't know a lot more about the group Gaiteiros de Lisboa, but I was happy to discover them some time ago on a compilation from the Portuguese label FarolMusica. If Zap Mama were male and Iberian, I suspect they'd sound something like this.Gaiteiros de Lisboa - Bocas do Inferno on SoundRoots.org

The group's name does indeed translate as "Lisbon Bagpipers," and apparently their blend of music is quite popular in Portugal, having won them praise and some album-of-the-year honors. This track comes from their debut album, Bocas do Inferno (1997).

[mp3] Gaiteiros de Lisboa: Chula Gaiteira
from the album Bocas do Inferno

From the band's website:
WHY "GAITEIROS DE LISBOA"? ("Lisbon bagpipers") ?
Maybe because there are no bagpipers in Lisbon, or perhaps yes. Maybe because in Portuguese the word gaita has many different meanings. Our bag-pipes are everything we grab in the search for a sound, reinventing hurdy-gurdies, finding harmonies which were until now unknown to our throats, stretching animals' skin, trying to make percussion out of whatever others step on, untuning bag-pipes and tuning tubes for electrical installation. We worship the bagpiper of Trás-os-Montes (Portugal), who spent his life playing and drinking, while others would take care of his land estate (good old times!). We worship all the virtuous bagpipers from Galicia, Scotland and Ireland and others who, despite the agitation of now-a-days life, bring the bagpipe back to its habitat: social intercourse. We regard them as the saints on a musical altar, knowing, nevertheless, that our own course will never take us to that kind of saintly.

more Gaiteiros de Lisboa:

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