27 November 2008

Steamed Turkey

It's cold here in the Northern Hemisphere. Sure, today is the day we all (well, those of us in the US, anyway) gather with family and friends, sharing warm companionship and an autumn harvest of foods.

For many, the economic crisis and the ongoing wars may undermine the joy of the holiday, and seem to limit the number of things we can be grateful for. Yet, there are good things afoot. I'm looking forward to a new government that tells us to hope instead of fear. I'm encouraged that with both Iraq and Afghanistan asking for a departure date for foreign troops, the end of those wars may be in sight (even if not quite on US terms).

I'm happy to visit locally owned shops and see them full of people, talking and connecting as much as buying. I'm heartened that the sacred music festival I book will be returning for a fifth year, despite having too little money to pay artists what they really deserve. I'm grateful for my family and friends, for home and community, and for a spiritual perspective that confirms that material circumstances are temporary, while Love is eternal.Steam - Hamam: The Turkish Bath - on SoundRoots.org

Also, I'm grateful for music, particularly music that helps warm up these cold days. The theme of tomorrow's Spin The Globe is derived from a weak pun: it's focusing on the music of Turkey. But it gives me a chance to hear more great music from that diverse nation, including the warming music of the soundtrack to the 1997 movie Steam / Hamam: The Turkish Bath.

[mp3] Agricantus: Disiu
from the album Steam / Hamam: The Turkish Bath

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I haven't seen the film Hamam, but my Turkish friends talk a lot about it. Looking forward to the programme, even if it is a poor excuse for the theme :-)
Strangely, the Turkish word for turkey is 'hindi'.