06 December 2008

Free World Music Compilation

Just a quick heads up about a nice offering from Modiba Publishing. They have online a 16-track sampler of music, ranging from West African and Iran to Brazil and New Orleans. You can download -- free! -- individual tracks or the complete album.

One-click full album download at: www.modiba.net/pub
  1. The Swarm - Noble Society (Guyana, USA)
  2. Barap Barap - Abjeez (Iran, Sweden)
  3. Sobe A Poeira - Nation Beat (Brazil, USA)
  4. Off Duty Fortune Teller - Haale (Iran)
  5. Pulse Conditioner - Cougar (USA)
  6. So Nyame Mu - Shasha Marley (Ghana)
  7. Teknochek Collision - Slavic Soul Party (Balkans, USA)
  8. Senhora da Azenha - Dazkarieh (Portugal)
  9. Cacador De Almas - Célia Mara (Brazil)
  10. Sangare (Nickodemus Remix) - Vieux Farka Toure (Mali)
  11. Hoviate Man - Yas (Iran)
  12. Been So Long - União Black (Brazil)
  13. Interstellar - Mission on Mars (India)
  14. Yelema - Mamani Keita (Mali, France)
  15. Yes I Am - pg.lost (Sweden)
  16. Nuclear Summer - Youngblood Brass Band (USA)
Modiba is in the business of licensing songs, so if you have a project that could use some international music, consider this a taster. The rest of you, just enjoy!


Anonymous said...

thanks for linking to this compilation. lots of new artists I've never heard of. they did a good job with the selections/mix


Anonymous said...

I'm heading over to the site right now to get the skinny on all these artists I'm unfamiliar with. Beautiful blog, I visit often!