15 December 2008

God Rest Ye, Merry Beachgoers

I'm easing into the Christmas spirit this year. I haven't yet broken out any of my collection of odd holiday albums. Until today!Cover of

Here's a gentle easing into the holiday vibe, courtesy of the Banks Soundtech Steel Orchestra. Just the thing to distract my mind from the subfreezing temperatures and ice that have appeared outside, blanketing the Pacific Northwest in an uncharacteristic blanket of white (where usually we have a blanket of wet this time of year). Nothing like the ice storm in the Northeast, but pretty severe weather for us.

So sit back, grab something fruity to drink, crank up the heat if need be, and imaging yourself reclining (resting, as the song advises, ye merry gentlemen) in the sunshine to the soothing sounds of steel pan.

[mp3] Banks Soundtech Steel Orchestra: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
from the album Putumayo Presents Christmas Around the World

By the way, I'm having hard drive issues, so posts may be sparse until that's resolved. It doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you!

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