08 December 2008

Monday's mp3: Klez-Hop

This one is a bit off the beaten SoundRoots track, but Jewish rapper eprhyme ("e-prime") has a message, and he's not shy about sharing it. I caught him yesterday at Temple Beth Hatfiloh, where he and neo-klezmer group The Erev Ravs performed separately, and in collaboration.eprhyme - photo ©Scott Allan Stevens, www.earball.net

Some of my favorite pieces were when they shared the stage, but eprhyme's cutting vocals are captivating even when he's performing with pre-recorded beats. His cleverly worded message on "Beggin for Change" brings a fresh perspective to the urban class clash, and "It's All G_D" finds universal values that transcend religious labels.

But special for you, we've got "Punklezmerap," which relates the autobiographical musical adventures of eprhyme (aka Eden Pearlstein) and includes a classic pinched klezmer clarinet riff.
[mp3] eprhyme: Punklezmerap
from the album waywordwonderwill

An EP with some songs from this album apparently was released on K Records, though the full album isn't listed on their site. So go get it directly from eprhyme, and watch for him to make some inroads into the fanbase of folks like Matisyahu and even the Klezmatics.eprhyme on SoundRoots.org

More eprhyme:
at K Records

If you like this, you might also want to check out The Beat Guide to Yiddish, a 25-minute neo-Jewish mixtape (more info):

Diwon has produced countless electro and hip hop mixes. His use of traditional Yemenite and Sephardic music, however, sets him apart from other artists in the genre. Influenced heavily by his family's roots in Yemen, Ethiopia and Israel, the multicultural maestro is always full of suprises and his latest release, The Beat Guide to Yiddish, is no exception. Diwon's Beat Guide mixes some of his own music into forgotten sounds from Eastern Europe. Download the mix for free and hear Yiddish in a way you would have never thought possible. Inlcuded on the mix are sounds from; Gershon Kingsley, Jewdyssee, Sam Medoff, Lipa, Seymour Rechtzeit and a few other gems.

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