01 December 2008

Monday's mp3: Tomer Yosef

Tomer Yosef: Laughing Underground
JDub Records

I'm usually the first one to jump on an artist who ignores the obvious: I rail against West African musicians who eschew their fantastic drumming tradition in favor of machine-made beats, or for that matter, most anyone who embraces electronics at the expense of the wonderful acoustic traditions of their culture. I thought about mounting such complaints against Tomer Yosef's latest offering until I was swept up in the flood of infectious rhythms and I no longer cared about such petty complaints.Tomer Yosef - Laughing Underground - on SoundRoots.org

Yosef (also of Balkan Beat Box) has made perhaps the ultimate Middle Eastern party album, fusing ethnic motifs with deep booming bass, high-velocity rap with dancehall rhythms. The album defies categorization, drawing from rock, dub, rai, dancehall, pop, hip hop, Gypsy, folk, and who knows what else. Bubbling with borderless energy, the resulting global cocktail may be sung in Hebrew, but it's intended for the healing (and dancing) of nations.

[mp3] Tomer Yosef: I Want to Move
from the album Laughing Underground

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