29 February 2008

Cambodia Meets Cameroon

Spin The Globe Playlist
29 February 2008Angelique Kidjo - Olympia WA - Photo by Scott Allan Stevens

Fun and unexpected ping-ponging between two unlikely musical allies on today's show; plus new releases and more in the second hour. And did I mention what an amazing show Angelique Kidjo put on last week? A couple days later I caught a good show by the Refugee Allstars, but they were a mere candle to Kidjo's incandescent spotlight of energy. And then when she got people up on stage dancing with her...!
Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Etienne Mbappe - Ambass - Misiya
Royal Palace Ensemble - Apsaras’ Dance - A Window on the World
Gino Sitson - Ngoyak’ - Son Zin’… Vocadelic Tales
Dengue Fever - Integration - Venus on Earth
Sally Nyolo - Djini Djome - Multiculti
Daran Kravan - Fruit in the Forest - Music in the Dark
Simon Nwambeben - Dhom - Bitibak 1
Unidentified - Street Guns and Studio Drums - Radio Phnom Penh
Baka de Gbine - Mbunja’s Rap - Gati Bongo
The Royal Pinpeat Orchestra - Sathouka - The Music of Cambodia-Royal Court Music
Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa - Lion of Africa

hour 2
Brownout - Laredo 77 - Homenaje
Moussu T e lei jovents - Oplati Oplata (version dau port) - Invente a La Ciotat
Mike Fitzmaurice - The Salt Desert - The Continuing Adventures of Hajji Baba
Razia Aziz - Mera laung gawacha - Songs of Love and Devotion: Between Heaven and Earth
Puerto Plata - Dolorita - Mujer de Cabaret
Jessie Cook feat. Djivan Gasparyan - Red - The Soul of Armenia
Think of One - Sharia Orabi - Camping Shaabi
Gong Linna - Poplar and Willow Green - Chinese Folksongs
Moddathir Aboulwafa - Fi Samaa Al-Musika - Toola
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Iphel’ Emasini - Ilembe: Honoring Shaka Zulu
Gamelan X - MESFNAR - Satu


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28 February 2008

Favela Sounds, on Screen

Note: Read on for a contest to win the City of Men Soundtrack CD

I'm not a huge soundtrack fan. You might guess that from the space they don't occupy here at SoundRoots. Sure, I rave about the odd Bollywood soundtrack and about films specifically about the music, such as One Giant Leap or Genghis Blues.

But there are exceptions to every rule. And this rule is bent by the fantastic soundtrack to City of Men, which opens tomorrow.City of Men soundtrack cover

I haven't seen the film yet, but I can tell you a little based its pedigree. An earlier film begat the Brazilian TV series City of Men, which begat this new movie of that same name. All are about the lives of young men (sorry, women) growing up and trying to survive in Rio's infamous favelas. Poverty, drugs, and violence are the backdrop for their stories. The new movie is supposedly a bit less violent and more upbeat than its predecessor, I'm told.

And the soundtrack? Frankly, it rocks. It's only a little over 30 minutes long, but contains a great range of Brazilian sounds. A number of tracks are very short -- snippets less that two minutes long. The longer ones include the hard-hitting "Vietnam A Brasileira," the not-quite-tango string piece "O Pai E O Filho," and the somber closing duet "A Cidade Dos Homens (Corpo Fechado)," punctuated by cuica and electronic effects.

Antonio Pinto is an experienced composer who worked on the first film and the TV series, and of course in Brazilian music he's got a lot to work with. But don't take my word for it -- check out this energetic track. Then go see the movie. I know I will.

[mp3] Antonio Pinto: O Poligamo
from the City of Men Soundtrack

City of Men movie trailer

Oh, and that contest? Up for grabs is a CD of the soundtrack plus a City of Men poster signed by producer/director Fernando Meirelles. Just be the first person to email the correct answer to this question:

What was the name of the original 2002 film that began this story?

Update: We have a winner. Robert of Texas was the first to email the correct answer, which is, of course, City of God (Cidade de Deus - in Portuguese). Bonus points (but alas, no prize) to Ted in Chicago, who pointed out that two years earlier, the 15-minute film “Palace II” (“Golden Gate”) really began this story.
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26 February 2008

Winning the Ears of the USA

Note to Hillary: if you want to be featured on SoundRoots, get some new musical advisers.

You know that SoundRoots is not longwinded on things political. But it has not escaped our notice that Obama has the lead not only in delegates, but also in music.Obama & Clinton

Hillary did make a weak appeal to Spanish-speaking voters with this accordion-driven song:

[mp3] unknown artist: Hillary, Hillary Clinton

Obama -- or his musical supporters -- are clearly going for a different demographic. A demographic that likes to dance rather more vigorously along to their politics. First there was the Obama Reggaton (see earlier post). Now, the group Fosforo gives us this:

[mp3] Fosforo: Cumbia de Obama
Read the lyrics on Fosforo website: www.fosforo.net

Be honest now: which do you like better?

If you know of more campaign-related global sounds out there, let us know.

25 February 2008

Mondays mp3: Globalized Shaabi

Antwerp-based Think of One are consummate musical explorers. On their last outing, Trafico, they coaxed the sounds of Brazil through their globalizing filters. This time around it's the strains of Moroccan Shaabi that feed their sound.Think of One - Camping Shaabi CD

This Berber wedding music may be less well known than Algerian Rai, but it's just as full of compelling rhythms and melodies. And Think of One's version of Shaabi is a right sturdy kick in the backside. Bits of dub, electronica, rock, and hip hop compel unconscious head-nodding or outright booty shaking in even the most collected listeners.

This song, sung by Amina and Lalabrouk, tells of "certain dangers with which lonely female moviegoers can be confronted." Throughout the album, you'll hear lyrics varying from French, Arabic, and the Flemish dialect spoken in Antwerp. None of which languages, it should be noted, I speak. So I'm taking their word for the content.

[mp3] Think of One: Mon Verre
from the album Camping Shaabi
band website: www.thinkofone.be

The CD also comes with a bonus video "The Making of Camping Shaabi," which you can also watch, naturally, on YouTube.

23 February 2008

Refugee All Stars Interview + Music of Africa

Spin the Globe playlist
22 February 2008Angelique Kidjo - live at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Olympia WA

It was all about African in the first hour, with music from Africans and an interview with Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone leader Reuben Koroma. Then more global goodness, including new releases and music by featured artist Angelique Kidjo, in the second hour. Congrats to all the listeners who won tickets to see upcoming shows by the Refugee All Stars and Gamelan X.

Angelique Kidjo put on a sizzling show Friday night at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, by the way. Don't know if it's the new Grammy or what, but she's seriously energized. Don't miss her if she comes near your town.

Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Oumou Sangare - Yala - Oumou
Saba - Yenne Yenne - Jidka (The Line)
Angelique Kidjo - Zanku - Parakou
Cocoa Tea - Africa - Biological Warfare
Refugee Allstars - Weapon Conflict - Living Like a Refugee
Refugee Allstars - I’m Not a Fool - Living Like a Refugee
Interview with Reuben Koroma of Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone
Refugee Allstars - Smile - Living Like a Refugee
Freshlyground - Doo Be Doo - Nomvula
Ali Hassan Kuban - Mabrouk Wo Arisna - Nubian Magic

hour 2
Angelique Kidjo - Batonga - Keep On Moving
Angelique Kidjo - Mama Golo Papa - Djin Djin
Wendo Kolosoy - Marie-Louise - On the Rumba River
Moussu T e lei jovents - Bolega Banjo - Invente a La Ciotat
Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Dzumbus Funk - Go Marko Go! Brass Madness
Nathalie Cora - L’Marmattan - Petite Terre
Famoro Dioubate’s Kakande - Nina Kaba - Dununya
Gamelan X - Hanuman’s Leap - Satu
Gamelan X - Gammafro - Satu
Grupo Fantasma - Oye Mi Cumbia - Comes Alive
Tumbatu Cumba - Ora y Plata - Tumbatu Cumba
Think of One - Jetais Jetee - Camping Shaabi

You can hear the archive of this show for a limited time at Spin The Globe.

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18 February 2008

Monday's mp3: Sounds from La Ciotat

A swirl of birthdays clusters around today. Here in the USA, it's the day weHappy birthday, Katia! (brazilian footballer) celebrate the births of two presidents, the always-behatted Abraham Lincoln, and President #1: George Washington. Less celebrated (at least in my neighborhood) are the birthdays of John Travolta, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Bengali developer of bhakti yoga), Lord Nityananda (Vaishnava saint), Wallace Stegner (writer), Toni Morrison (another writer), Yoko Ono (wife of a British mophead), Vanna White (famous TV arm-waver), Dr. Dre (rapper), Katia (Brazilian soccer star), and your own dj earball (blogger and cultural agitator). Oh, apparently it's also the birthday of Kosovo (newest European nation).

Excuse me for a moment while I imagine a dinner party attended by all of them, and the possible topics of discussion...


Man...that's intriguing. Kosovo has already had a little too much to drink, and Vanna is just shoving the food around on her plate with her fork. At least Dr. Dre and and Wallace Stegner seem to be hitting it off.

But I didn't beckon you here with a mere imaginary meal. No, the sound of new music has been filling my ears, and it's from that sound that I pluck an offering for you. Just last month I was writing about the French port city of Marseille and the sounds of a group called Moussu T e Lei Jovents. Now the trio has a new album out, called Invente a La Ciotat.

Truth is the band isn't from Marseille, and I apologize if you went looking for them there. In truth, you need to head down the D559 a little farther to the port town of La Ciotat, an industrial city where ship-building cranes tower like giant white trees, much of the town is clad in denim, and Moussu T make their mischief.

In a technological first (at least to me), the CD comes with a DVD on the flip side, featuring concert performances knit together with locally shot video. Included are intriguing hints to the neighborly feeling of the town, including parties, interviews, and a fish fry at the docks (featuring pre-made breaded fish sticks cut out in curious shapes and enjoyed, tongues firmly in cheek). The video explains that it was in La Ciotat that several important inventions took place, including the concept of a round earth, graffiti, arc welding, the apertif, the bowling game of petanque, punk music, opera, and platform shoes. Of course.

One non-musical but highly intriguing social experiment appears to involve giving a camera to someone on the street, with the instruction that they should take a picture of someone else, then give them the camera to carry on the chain. In the end, posters of all the photos were posted around town, with people searching all over to find themselves or their friends.

The band's music is a background to all this, and the stripped down sounds serve this purpose well. Mostly acoustic and mostly with the trio of lead singer Tatou, guitarist/banjo player Blu, and drummer Zerbino (who are sometimes joined by Brazilian percussionist Jamilso), the sound is largely acoustic, and quite casual.Moussu T e lei jovents - invente a la ciotat (So casual, that it doesn't really seem the focus of this project, what with five previously released tracks and five new ones totaling only about a half hour of music.)

This tune captures some of the irreverent fun of the group, with slide guitar joining their trademark banjo. It's got a wonderful high-tech/low-tech video (that you can't yet find on YouTube) and charming lyrics: "You're not a champion / You're not a model / You're not a queen / You are the one I love / You are for me my forever pretty."

[mp3] Moussu T e Lei Jovents: Forever Polida
from the album Invente a La Ciotat

By the way, if you've lived a good life, you may find that Paradise is La Ciotat, where good people go, turning into seawater and spending their afterlife licking the feet of young girls. Or so I'm told.

16 February 2008

World Music Top 10 - February 2008

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe
Top 10 World Music Albums - February 2008Masha and Marjan Vahdat - Songs from a Persian Garden CD

1. Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat: Songs from a Persian Garden
2. Dengue Fever:
Venus on Earth
3. Saba:
Jidka (The Link)
various artists: The Inspiring New Sounds of Rio De Janeiro A Filial - The Inspiring New Sounds of Rio de Janeiro
5. Aphrodesia:
Lagos By Bus
6. Ladysmith Black Mambazo:
Ilembe: Honoring Shaka Zulu
7. David Buchbinder:
Odessa / Havana
8. Orchestra Baobab:
Made in Dakar
9. Cheb i Sabbah:
10. Le Trio Joubran:

Quite an interesting and diverse lot in this month's top 10 -- some recently reviewed hereOrchestra Baobab - Made in Dakar at SoundRoots, others coming soon. For music that simply makes you feel good, you can't beat the classic sounds of Senegal's Orchestra Baobab. On Made in Dakar, they play original tunes and even a traditional griot song, and they sing in Wolof, French, Malinke, and on this track, Portuguese Creole. The rhythm on "Ami Kita Bay" is "mbalsa," which the band describes as a hybrid combining salsa with Senegalese Mbalax. The song concerns a man's responsibilities, saying: "If I don't go to work / Nothing will work at home."

[mp3] Orchestra Baobab: Ami Kita Bay
from the album Made in Dakar

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15 February 2008

Global Music of Love and Romance

Spin The Globe playlistphoto by Scott Allan Stevens (Flickr: *earball*)
15 February 2008

Songs of love and romance from all over the planet in the first hour, followed by mostly new releases in the second hour.
Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle - You’ve Stolen My Heart - You’ve Stolen My Heart
Souad Massi - Ya Kelbi (Oh, My Heart) - The Best of Souad Massi
Te Vaka - Iuliana - Tutuki
Abdelkader Saadoun - Just You and Me - Freedom
Children of the Revolution - Isla Margarita - Life, Love, and Guantanamo Bay
Balval - Jekha Chaja - Blizard Boheme
Angelique Kidjo w/ Ziggy Marley - Sedjedo - Djin Djin
Abyssinia Infinite w/ Gigi - Bati Bati - Zion Roots
Jaques Schwartz-Bart - Sone Ka-La - Sone Ka-La
Richard Khuzami - Mayflower Daughter Marrakesh Lover - Fused
Ulla Pirttijarvi - The Wedding Yoik for Inger-Mari and Sudhir - In Our Foremother’s Arms
Louis Mhlanga - Distant Lover - Shamwari
Youssou N’Dour - Please Wait - 7 Seconds – Best ofn

hour 2
Tinariwen - Nar Djenetbouba - The Radio Tisdas Sessions
David Buchbinder - Lailadance - Odessa/Havana
Antonio Pinto - Vietnam a Brazileira - City of Men Soundtrack
Famoro Dioubate’s Kakande - Kakande - Dununya
Saba - Boqoroda Meskin - Jidka (The Line)
Javier Calamaro - Desencuentro - Villavicio
Mazaher - Hayya - Zar Music & Songs
Kollasuyumanta Pacha - Cataclismo - Sacambaya
Fernando Otero - Lejana - Pagina de Buenos Aires
Bylyre Jashari et. al. - Oh Little Girl, How Much I Love You - Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields
Cheick Hamala Diabate & Bob Carlin - Konkoba - From Mali to America
She’koyokh Klezmer Ensemble - Krivo Sadovsko - Sandanski’s Chicken
Refugee All Stars - Akera Ka Abonshor - Living Like a Refugee


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12 February 2008

Pre-Spring Cleaning

My mess is your gain. At least when I get around to sorting through it. Readers, musicians, and promoters send me things. These things sometimes get onto SoundRoots quickly, sometimes fall behind the desk and collect dust. Well, today is cleaning day, and I think you might find some gems in this big box of stuff. If you do, leave an encouraging comment -- those inspire me to deal with things before they get so very dusty. And tangled up like the wires in this photo. photo by earball visions -- www.earball.net

Item: One of Peru's most compelling stars, Eva Ayllón (aka the "Queen of Lando"), blends African and Spanish cultures - dramatic flamenco phrases, complex, pulsating rhythms, and sweet folkloric melodies - into her signature musica criolla style. She's performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Friday March 7, and you can enter to win tix here. They've also got Asha Bhosle performing on Sunday, April 27 at 7:30 PM, and the Kronos Quartet with throat-singer Tanya Tagaq on Saturday, May 3 at 8:00 PM. Kinda wish it was closer.

Item: Our friend Don over at Timedoor has re-posted the song "Mi Cahfi," along with an explanation about why he does (and you might) care about this early 1970s tune from a group called simply The Jamaican Folk Singers.

Item: Tom Teasley has posted the song "Ise Oluwa Kole Baje O" as a free download during this month at his website -- It's a Nigerian song from the great WordBeat CD The Soul Dances, and it translates as something like "Your love will never be destroyed." Great message, great tune.

Item: Got questions about Buddhism? Ask a Monk.

Item: The Raging Bull of Nine Mile? Martin Scorsese has announced plans to do a film on the life of reggae icon Bob Marley. We've got a while to wait; the film's release date is Feb. 6, 2010 (the day Marley would have turned 65).

Item: [mp3] Eastern Blok: Balkan Healer
from the album Folk Tales

Item: More Rasta culture can be found in the January Smithsonian Magazine article Rasta Revealed (and the lively comments thereafter).

Item: Newest Dance Craze? I hadn't heard of Tecktonik before the ever-vigilant Christian Science Monitor clued me in, and I still haven't seen it danced in the streets of my town, but apparently it's big with the French. Want to learn some moves? Check out this video.

Item: [mp3] Tryo & DobaCaracol: Live at Bachibouzouk
(listen past the spoken intro...it's worth it!)

Item: Radio Salaam Shalom is an online radio station broadcasting a unique mix of intercultural music and speech from Bristol, UK. It focuses on the many aspects of Jewish and Muslim life which allow the two cultures, linked for thousands of years, to talk together and share their experiences. (I'm listening to their stream as I write.)

Item: Would love to see the results of the online US Citizenship Test broken down by country -- could US citizens do better on this than the foreigners they (er... we...) often try to fence out? Check it out yourself. I haven't done it yet. I may brush up on my Constitution facts first.

Item: [mp3] Tsehaytu Beraki: Lale Bola
from the album Selam

Item: African music blog Likembe has been posting some nice tunes of late -- check out the Dakar Divas posts for some Senegalese names you've never heard before.

Item: The UK label Real World has been somewhat quiet of late here in the USA, but that may be coming to a glorious end, given their just-announced partnership with Ryko. Along with the partnership announcement was a promise that Ryko "will re-issue many of the label’s back catalog titles with new packaging and, in some cases, with exclusive bonus material." Can't wait -- particularly for their release of the Touareg group Toumast's Ishumar, which hasn't previously been available here in the US.

Item: LinkTV has a number of entertaining and thoughtful short films on their site One Nation Many Voices: Muslims in America, Stories Not Stereotypes. Ever seen a girl in a Burkini?

Item: [mp3] Narsollah Nassehpoor: Ze Man Negaram

Item: Time for me to get some dinner. Hope you enjoy the above. Now that my desk is clean, back to regular programming soon. Happy year of the Rat!

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11 February 2008

Mondays mp3: Grammy Grammy Grammy

Blizzard conditions in the Cascade Mountains. A landslide of support for Barak Obama in the Washington State Democratic caucuses. So why is it no powerful natural force comes to mind when I think about the Grammy Awards? They happened. Yawn.

The Grammies that SoundRoots readers might be most interested in include:
If you want to know about the pop and polka and other categories, see the complete list of winners.

Not among the Grammy winners, but among my own group of musical winners, is the Touareg group Toumast. They haven't got the stature of Tinariwen, but they do have a song that I'm considering an appropriate greeting for the Lunar New Year.

[mp3] Toumast: Maraou Oran (For Twelve Moons)
from the album Ishumar

Happy year of the Rat!

09 February 2008

Moon Music

On this week's Spin The Globe, we heard music about the moon for the Lunar New Year (The Chinese Year of the Rat) plus one song about rats. But the highlight of the show was a conversation with Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat and KKV Records head Erik Hillestad.
Songs from a Persian Garden
Vahdat and her sister Marjan have a beautiful new album out on KKV called Songs from a Persian Garden -- a live recording of a taboo-breaking public performance by women at the Italian embassy in Tehran -- right under the noses of a regime that frowns upon such expressions from women. The sisters also sang on the delightful KKV compilation Lullabies from the Axis of Evil.

KKV Records: www.kkv.no
Mahsa Vahdat: www.mahsavahdat.com

Playlist for Spin The Globe -- 08 February 2008

Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Rim Banna - The Moon Glowed - The Mirrors of My Soul
Eastern Blok - The Moon in the Labyrinth - Folk Tales
Houssaine Kili - Ayour (The Moon) - Mountain to Mohamed
Bakra Bata - Rat Race - Get Up and Dance!
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - Avaze Shoushtari - Songs from a Persian Garden
Interview: Mahsa Vahdat & Erik Hillestad of KKV Records
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - Haleli - Songs from a Persian Garden

hour 2
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - The Flower of a Paradise Garden - Songs from a Persian Garden
Anoushka Shankar - Voice of the Moon - Rise
Saba - Hanfarkaan - Jidka (The Line)
Hugh Masekela - Ibala Lam - Revival
Toumast - Maraou Oran (For 12 Moons) - Ishumar
Limpopo - Ask The Nature - Live in Raleigh
Chinmaya Dunster - New Moon - Buddha Moon
Angelique Kidjo w/ Amadou et Mariam - Senemou - Djin Djin
Wu Man & Friends - White Snow in a Sunny Spring - Wu Man & Friends
Cuchata - Dia Del Sol - Cuchata

04 February 2008

Monday's mp3: Argentine Agitators

Tumbatu CumbaRegular SoundRoots readers will know that we relish a good mystery. Often CDs arrive with little or nothing by way of band information or notes. Such is the case with today's track...sort of. The good folks at Suramusic in Argentina sent this along -- a wonderfully well-constructed album of catchy Spanish-language tunes.

It's got complete packaging, including song notes (in Spanish). The mystery is why Tumbatú Cumbá, a Buenos Aires-based group that's been around since 1999, has received so little global recognition. There's practically nothing to be found in English on the band, although they've released three albums and participated in compilations including A Bush No Le Va A Gustar (which, being translated, is something like "Bush Ain't Gonna Like This!"). The band donated their song "La Pira" to that album, which was released to protest George Bush's visit to Argentina (and it's an album I'd very much like to hear, if anyone can send it!).
Tumbatu Cumba - TumbatuCumba
Their latest album -- the only one of the three I've heard -- is an energetic romp across a South American continent unfettered by musical borders. Hope they'll do some more border crossing into English-speaking areas. Maybe once the presidential object of their ire has departed office next year (I know how hard it's been for musicians to get US visas in recent years). Anyway, here's the music:

[mp3] Tumbatú Cumbá: La Pira
[mp3] Tumbatú Cumbá: Bajo del Arbol un Tambor

from the album Tumbatú Cumbá

Band website: www.tumbatucumba.com.ar

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02 February 2008

Mardi Gras starter kit

This week's show is something of a Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Carnival starter kit -- particularly useful if you happen to live far away from Rio or New Orleans or other places where the holiday is celebrated with great gusto. Many USA residents will be more focused on the odd cultural phenomenon of the Super Bowl this weekend; if your family insists on that, just turn the TV sound down, and crank up these tunes. Guaranteed more interesting than the discussion of instant replays and quarterback rating statistics.

Spin The Globe playlist for 1 February 2008
artist - song - album

hour 1
March Fourth Marching Band - Matador - March Fourth Marching Band
Wild Magnolias - All on a Mardi Gras Day - Life Is a Carnival
Andre Tanker - Wild Indian Band (vintage remix) - Mondo Soca
Grupo Especial - Unidos Do Viradouro - Sambas de Enredo
Rebirth Brass Band - Carnival Time - The Main Event: Live at the Maple Leaf
Bat Makumba - Lua Bonita - Bat Makumba
Escolade Samba Mocidade - Bate Papo - Batucada Brasileira
Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias - Iko, Iko - I’m Back…At Carnival Time
Escolade Samba Mocidade - A Todo Vapor - Batucada Brasileira
King Posse - Retounen - Carnival
The Wild Tchoupitoulas - Meet the Boys on the Battlefront - The Wild Tchoupitoulas
New Birth Brass Band - Mardi Gras in New Orleans - D-Boy
Samba Squad - Xango - Batuque

hour 2
DJ Dolores - Cala Cala - 1 Real
Konono No. 1 - Nsimba & Nzuzi - Live at Couleur Café
Ojos de Brujo - Get Up, Stand Up (live) - Techari Live
Izaline Calister - Ki Bo Ke (Whatever You Want) - Krioyo
Bole 2 Harlem - Hoya Hoye - Bole 2 Harlem
Dengue Fever - Tiger Phone Card - Venus on Earth
Tumbatu Cumba - La Pira - Tumbatu Cumba
Shantel - Sota - Disko Partizani!
Silvius Leopold Weiss - Sonata in D Major: Courante - The Silesian Master of Lute
Telmary - Ves (Feat: Kumar) - A Diario
Taz - Apna Sangeet - Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance
Sola Akinbola - Kulumbu Yeye - Routes to Roots
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - Chahar Pareh - Songs from a Persian Garden


(or download)

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