08 January 2009

Kozhung of the Rising Sun

You know that SoundRoots likes us some strange cover songs. Among the strangest have to be Central Asian versions of classic rock songs. I'm not sure if there's a cover-song arms race going on between Tuva and Siberia, but not long after the former's latest salvo (Yat-Kha's Re-Covers), I recently discovered a new entry from the latter from the group Bugotak. Their newest album Coverlar (which means, unsurprisingly, "covers") fires right back with some great throat-singing on well-known rock and pop songs.
Bugotak-Coverlar - on SoundRoots.org
Coverlar tracklist
1 : Kon' Togethy (The Beatles's "Come Together")
2 : Altai Kys (Uriah Heep's "Gypsy")
3 : Kaar Mege (Nirvana's "Rape Me")
4 : Hododoo (Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters")
5 : Maadai-Kara ("Mission Impossible Theme")
6 : Kozhung Of The Rising Sun ("House of the Rising Sun")
7 : Ajylham Djiktite
8 : The Crow And The Crucian
9 : Aduushanai Duun (The Cowboy's Song)
10 : Men Sanaarym (Queensryche's "I Will Remember")
11 : The Arctic Fox (It Happens)

All the songs on Coverlar (with the inexplicable exception of the Metallica track) are available for free download, so enjoy!

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