26 January 2009

Monday's mp3: Happy Year of the Ox!

Okay, I admit it: This song is not about an ox. In the few free moments in an otherwise busy day, I tried to think of an Asian song about oxen to share with you today. And I came up blank.

So instead, you get a song about the ox's cousin, the buffalo.

Fubuki Daiko is an innovative taiko group based in...wait for it... Winnipeg, Manitoba. Yes, that's in Canada. Yes, that's a long way from Japan, both geographically and culturally. But these folks can throw down with the big drums, and they've got a great sense of humor and musical adventure, as you might guess from the song titles "Lemon Lime Tang" and "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."

This album was released in 2000. Their second album -- Zanshin: Leaving the Heart Behind -- was released in 2004. So I'm thinking we're due another album soon.

[mp3]: Fubuki Daiko: Buffalo
from the album Fubuki Daiko

Happy New Year!

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