11 January 2009

Music of Yugoslavia

Some of my favorite music comes from a country that no longer exists. I visited Yugoslavia in the 1980s, and today the music is more exciting than ever, though you need more names for the place: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia. Hour 2 featured more global wanderings and some new releases and concert previews.

The Music of Yugoslavia: Spin The Globe playlist for 9 January 2009
as heard on radio KAOS, 89.3 FMSpin The Globe world music podcast on SoundRoots.org

Listen/download for a limited time at: soundroots.podomatic.com

Artist - Song - Album

Hour 1
KAL - Romozom - Radio Romanista
Mostar Sevdah Reunion - A Strange Pain in the City of Mostar - A Secret Gate
King Naat Veliov & the Original Kocani Orkestar - Malajka - Cigance
Gonda Manakovska - Karafili Edje Zamaki - Rough Guide to the Balkans
Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar - Kuba / Cuba - Ruke
The No Smoking Orchestra - Dobrila - BalkanBeats Vol. 3
Amira Medunjanin - Mujo ogu po mejdanu voda - Rosa
Ivica Mit & Morava River Band - Poursuite - Ivica Mit & Morava River Band
Esma Redzepova - Abre Kako So Pijeja - Chaje Shukarije
Smadj vs Kocani Orkestar - Mi Bora San Korani - Electric Gypsyland 2
Lidija Bajuk - Sve Je Kao Prije - Luna
Felix Lajko w/ Boban Markovic Orkestar - Felix Kolo - Rough Guide to Balkan Gypsies
Ganesa - Gubim Te - Singles

Hour 2
Kasbah Rockers w/ Bill Laswell - Al Rafel - Kasbah Rockers
Avline Ava - Bonne Annee - Mulato
Hallelujazz Project - Silekun - What’s On Your Mind
Madame XD - Black Silk - Black Silk EP
Tomer Yosef - Little Man - Laughing Underground
Rokia Traore - Tounka - Tchamantche
Kokoura - Farafina - Anitie
Wei Xiao Dong - The River - Erhu Solo
Pablo Menendez - La Gitana - Havana Blues Mambo
Peggy - Uzonkhumbula - Peggy
Tyva Kyzy - Sit and Be Amazed - A Cheerful Song from My Soul


janez Guna said...

Please, reload this file, PLEASE, or send me s link, please.

Yours truly,


SpinTheGlobe said...


Well, since you asked nicely... here it is.


This is a temporary link -- so get it while it's there!

Anonymous said...

Dear S A Stevens,

one huge thaks for the link..
how did you manage to collect all those amazing songs...there are some real ultra rare cuts...jus fabulous.
I live in Slovenia, formerly Yugoslavia.

Yours truly,
Janez Guna

SpinTheGlobe said...

Hey Janez - glad to help you out. I can't really explain how all these tracks come to me (there are too many stories, sources, stores), but I'm glad you enjoy them!

Ah, Slovenia. Back when it was all still Yugoslavia, I spent a couple of days in Ljubljana, and had some interesting pizza there. Keep in touch with any other musical requests or suggestions -- I don't have a lot of contacts in the Balkans...