05 February 2009

Arriving late to Esau Mwamwaya's party

I missed the initial release of this curious mixtape late last year, but this is a true case of better late than never -- not least because the whole 15-track album is a free download.

Malawi is not the best-known African nation when it comes to music. Heck, the only other band I can thing of from Malawi is Wambali. Maybe someone can explain that, but in the meantime we've got this fun stuff from Esau Mwamwaya, who grew up in Malawi's capitol, Lilongwe. He played in bands there before moving to London in 1999, where he ran a second-hand furniture store before retuning to music. Is this album his big break?
Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best
[mp3] Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best: Kamphopo
from Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best

Finding this album also brought the pleasant discovery of Green Owl, "a NYC-based record label started by artists for artists with the idea that great music can be sustainable—both economically and environmentally." The label produces green music, and will even link you up with folks who can help reduce your carbon footprint.

more Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best:
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