12 February 2009

Delhi Bound

Over the years, the keen-eyed reader will have noticed my references to foreign travel. Travel was a key factor in forming my interest in music, dance, language, religion, and culture of people in far-away places. But it's been years since my last significant trip, years in which my cultural wanderings have been limited to what I could find on the Web, and the CDs and DVDs I have received for review on SoundRoots.

Well, next week I'm back on the road again. I'll be headed to India for the first ever International Festival of Sacred Arts Delhi. And I'll be sticking around for a bit, collecting music, taking photos, meeting people, eating delicious things.

If you happen to live in Delhi and want to grab a cup of chai with me or meet up at one of the festival events, pop me an email (scott [at] soundroots{d.t} org).

As for the rest of you... I'll have a couple more posts before I go, and then will be at the mercy of my schedule and the availability of Delhi's internet cafes. If I don't post frequently while I'm away, you can bet I'll return with lots of great musical loot and stories to share upon my return!

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