02 February 2009

Monday's mp3: Super Bowl Mondae

I admit it; like many of my fellow North Americans, I could be found yesterday afternoon sitting in front of a TV showing unnaturally huge men crashing into one another.Ozomatli - on SoundRoots.org

In my defense, I didn't make a day out of the Super Bowl. Earlier in the day I had gone to church, played a soccer game, and gone to see a play (Israel Horovitz's bold, riveting "Sins of the Mother"). And during the "big game" I was on my laptop editing photos. Heck, yesterday was a busy day!

And all day I was thinking not of Bruce Springsteen, but of Ozomatli, whose self-titled 1998 album includes this funky ditty.

[mp3] Ozomatli: Super Bowl Sundae
from the album Ozomatli

Truth be told, this isn't my favorite track on the album. That distinction would go to "Aqui No Sera" or "Cumbia de los Muertos." Ozomatli is a consistent favorite of mine, though I've never had the chance to see them perform live. I hope to remedy that soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the big game in a whole new light.

More Ozomatli:


Nora said...

I would highly recommend getting yourself to a live Ozo gig at your first opportunity. Their stage presence is great and their energy is so positive and empowering!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree... I've seen them a couple of times already and just found out they are doing a secret show in NYC on Feb 23rd!!
I signed up here to try my chance at scoring tickets... http://jdstudiono7.com/liveEvents.aspx