26 March 2009

Polyphonic Belgium

Dietrich: Evok
Home Records

I love receiving packages from Home Records in Belgium. The little label brings constant surprises, like the duo of Jeuc Dietrich and Anik Faniel. Dietrich is, I'm told, a composer, film director, former Supertramp collaborator (!), and "probably one of the most skillful cellists in Belgium." Faniel is a Belgian composer, singer, and dancer. With two composers in the house, you can expect that their music is thoughtful and rich. It's also very engaging and uncategorizable. Gothic folk rock or Baroque world music might be appropriate descriptions, thought their combinations of percussion, hurdy-gurdy, and vocals also remind of sacred chant groups such as Vas. It's music to both enjoy and think about; I'll be doing both as I spend more time with this intriguing album.

[mp3] Dietrich: Si T'saros
from the album Evok

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