27 April 2009

Monday's mp3: Lo'jo Mojo

A friend recently converted me to the cult of Flight of the Conchords, the nutty Kiwi duo who have their own HBO series and a unique knack for writing simple, often ridiculous songs that nonetheless loop in your mind long after you're done watching. I thought about stretching the SoundRoots umbrella and posting one of their songs -- perhaps the dancehall-ish "Boom" or their French lounge "Foux du Fafa" -- but I reconsidered. Find those on your own (if you don't mind that endless loop running in your head). Meanwhile, my thoughts turned to an actual French band whose music is equally catchy.

I don't think I've actually posted about Lo'Jo before, though they have been one of my favorite global bands since I first caught them live back at the first (I think) WOMAD USA. They're a loose collection of musicians, though always at the core are Denis Pean, Richard Bourreau, and the Nid El Mourid sisters Nadia and Yamina.

To me, their sound is dark yet open, a moody musical seaport open to influences from many lands but maintaining a core identity. You may hear in their music sounds from Africa (djembe,Lo'Jo - Mojo Radio - on SoundRoots.org kora), along with vocal harmonies that evoke North Africa or the Middle East, combined with accordeon, flute, bass, and more. But instead of struggling through more attemted description, let me provide you with the sound:

[mp3] Lo'Jo: Amadoué Morito
from the album Mojo Radio

Lo'Jo has a new album just out called Cosmophono, and I'm eager to get my hands on it. I'll let you know when I do.

More Lo'Jo:

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LeRoc said...

I like the backing vocals, they remind me a bit of Zawinul. Also the woodwind arrangements make an interesting combination with the drumming. Sweet! I'll try to check them out.