06 April 2009

Monday's mp3: Komplete Klezmer

I only have a moment to post. It's a busy day. Or rather, it's one of the first three sunny, warm days of the year, and I'm not going to squander it inside at the computer.

Fortunately, there's nothing squandered when enjoying this music. Klezmer... the party music of Jews, also the music of remembering, of loss, of want. Like blues, fado, and so many other music forms, there's a bittersweet element mixed with joy, an acknowledgment of loss and at the same time gratitude for still being around to sing about it.

If you love klezmer, then you probably already know about Yale Strom. He's a klezmer (musician), as well as a collector of songs, an author (including a cookbook and a great kids book, The Wedding that Saved a Town), a filmmaker, and he probably wears a few other hats I'm forgetting right now. He fronts the bands Klazzj (based in San Diego) and Hot Pstromi (based in NYC).

In 2006, Strom released The Absolutely Complete Klezmer Songbook, a remarkable collection of sheet music and klezmer background info, and a companion CD called The Absolutely Complete Introduction to Klezmer, with Hot Pstromi.

"Complete" being a relative term, apparently, Strom released a second CD, Absolutely Klezmer Volume 2, in 2007. And that's where this track is found. The book contains the sheet music for the songs on both CDs, so you might as well just buy the whole lot for your klezmer band. Aren't you tired by now of those same old seven klezmer songs you know?

[mp3] Yale Strom with Hot Pstromi: Moresh-Khoyre No. 1 (Jewish Blues)
from the album Absolutely Klezmer Volume 2

More Yale Strom:

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