17 April 2009


Music from Portugal and Portuguese speaking lands, including Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, and Mozambique. Plus new releases and concert previews in hour 2. (Sorry - due to technical difficulties, no show archive/podcast this week.)

Portuglobal: Spin The Globe playlist for 17 April 2009

Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
DJ Dolores - J.P.S. - 1 Real
Tcheka - Transason - Nu Monda
Miriam Makeba - Mas Que Nada - Reflections
Digitaldubs - Se Liga Nelas - The Inspiring New Sounds of Rio de Janeiro
Boy Ge Mendes - Choros - Lagoa
Ledward Kaapana - Pau Pilikia - Hawaiian Slack Key Kings
Bonga, Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown - Mulemba Xangola - Red Hot + Lisbon
Neco Novellas - Tsanganane - New Dawn / Ku Khata
Orquestra HB - Salsa e Merengue - Farol Musica sampler
DJ Dolores - Azougue (original unreleased mix) - Bar Brasilia
Forro in the Dark - Forrowest - Bonfires of Sao Joao
Sara Tavares - Planeta Sukri feat. Boy Ge Mendes - Balance
Dead Combo - Rumbero - Vol. 1

hour 2
Terrakota - Metisses - Oba Train
A Filial - Aqui Se Faz Aqui Não Paga - $1,99
Muddy Face - Mokoma Wangu - Roots Rock Guitar Party
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt - Make a Better World - Slide to Freedom 2: Make a Better World
Mariza - Ja Me Deixou - Terra
Ricardo Lemvo - Habari Yako - Ay Valeria!
Oreka TX - Jai Adivasi - Nomadak TX
Pete Lockett & Amit Chatterjee - Taalisman - Taalisman
Oreka TX - Adabegi - Quercus Endorphina
Golem - Train Across Ukraine - Citizen Boris
Ballycotton - Nebelstreif - Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit
CeU - Mais um Lamento - Ceu
Yoshida Brothers - Modern (Mishou Version) - Best of/Tsugaru Shamisen
Thomas Mapfumo - Zvandiviringa - The Best of Thomas Mapfumo


LeRoc said...

I am a big fan of CéU, she's very good!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Indeed she is, LeRoc!! (and thanks for dropping by.)

LeRoc said...

Thanks! I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I'd like to point you to Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda. I have to admit that I am not completely objective, since I live in Olinda and their trombonist is a friend of mine. But the music is really good!

I especially love "O Canto da Seréia" (The Song of the Mermaid). It is not on their web page, but it is on their Myspace. There, you'll also find a nice NY Times article about them. If you're into brass and into Portuguese language music, I think you shoud check them out.

SpinTheGlobe said...

LeRoc: Inappropriate? Please! Suggestions of great, as-yet-undiscovered (by SoundRoots) music are always welcome. I had a quick listen to their online samples, and it sounds like quality stuff.

Thank you for the suggestion, and let this be encouragement to other readers to pipe in with their own favorites -- this space is all about discovering and sharing, so let's hear it!