19 May 2009

Most popular cast on the pod?

An interesting email just came in from our friends at PodOmatic, where the Spin The Globe show archives are kept. Seems there's been a rather dramatic surge in interest in the show, so much so that we've exceeded our monthly bandwidth. The show audio has now been replaced with a friendly man explaining the situation and suggestion a donation via the Spin The Globe podcast site.

This has all happened automatically, which brings us to the present. I'm curious about the surge of interest in the show. The site stats show an uptick in some torrent server, and hits from an article in Utne magazine. Has SoundRoots or Spin The Globe received other media attention recently that we don't know of?

As for the future...PodOmatic promises to restore the audio archives on June 12. Or we could buy more bandwidth and restore it sooner. The next jump up in bandwidth would cost $99.90 per year. This being just about as nonprofit an endeavor as they come, are you willing to contribute for that to happen?

The options:
A) Status quo; we continue to leave four archived shows on PodOmatic, and when the bandwidth runs out for the month, it runs out.

B) We cut the archive from the last four shows to the last one or two shows, in hopes this will cut bandwidth use.

C) SoundRoots / Spin The Globe fans contribute the funds to buy extra bandwidth and keep the archives online.

So... please leave your vote in the comments (or email us). You can even go ahead and make contributions via the PayPal donate button on our PodOmatic page or the SoundRoots Tip Jar on the right. Or if you have another option we should consider, speak up! And although this is a pain, it's certainly a great thing that more people are downloading and digging the music. It's a great problem to have.

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