26 May 2009

Podcast update

soundroots podcast fundraising thermometer!
Great news on the podcast front! A couple of SoundRoots / Spin The Globe fans have stepped forward with donations to podcast fund, and as a result we're nearly two-thirds of the way to the funds needed for a year's podcasting juice with PodOmatic. (If you missed the backstory, you can read more here.)

If you've learned something, enjoyed the music, discovered a new artist, or even if you've felt guilty for lurking and not leaving a comment on something, here's your chance to make a difference.

Head over to the SoundRoots "Tip Jar" on the right, and make a secure donation via PayPal. All donations will go for site maintenance/bandwidth. If there's a little left over, maybe I'll eat. Naw...seriously, if we go over the goal, I'll use the extra to do some contests here, and perhaps you'll get a great CD in the mail as a result.

Thanks to the readers who have contributed already, and to those of you who are even now thinking about it. C'mon...

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