12 June 2009

Cuban Fresh

Madera Limpia: La Corona
(Out Here Records)

Since we were just talking about new sounds from Cuba, here's a perfect addition to the discussion.
Madera Limpia-La Corona on SoundRoots.org
On one side of the fence in Guantanamo, Cuba, lies the controversial USA military base. On the other side: poverty, desperation, and fantastic music. The Cuban side of the fence is home to Yasel Gonzalez Rivera and Gerald Thomas Collymore, the guys behind Madera Limpia. Their music is a seamless blend of traditional rhythms and instruments with the modern global sounds of hip-hop and reggaeton.

The result is an energetic, organic mashup that will appeal to world-music lovers far more than the heavier hip-hop of Orishas, and will appeal to everyone a little weary of Buena Vista Social Club and ready more more modern Cuban sounds. Best of all, the content is socially conscious, with songs about spying neighbors, poverty, prostitution, greed, love, conspicuous consumption, and emigration, among other things. Fast-track this as one of the best albums of 2009.

Lo Mismo Me Da - Madera Limpia

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