24 July 2009

Free Kimi Djabate!

No, the Guinea-Bissau singer isn't in jail. In fact, he's poised for some positive recognition with a forthcoming album Karam on the always-intriguing Cumbancha label. The CD isn't out for another four days, but you can download the track "Kode (Love)" for free here. I'm eagerly awaiting the full album; in the meantime, there's some nice advance buzz from reviewers, including a thoughtful review from Richard Marcus at blogcritics.org, which reads in part:

[L]iKimi Djabate - Karam - on SoundRoots.orgke all Griots, first and foremost Djabate is a vocalist. As it was their responsibility to be able to sing a family's or tribe's history, Griots by necessity have voices that make you want to listen to them. However this doesn't mean being loud or overpowering, it means having a voice that draws you into a song. Djabate isn't going to overpower anyone with voice, but there's something about his melodic tone that captivates the ear and holds your attention. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the majority of the material on Karam isn't sung in English. Yet, in spite of that, you find yourself wanting to try and hang on to every word he sings.

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