13 July 2009

Monday's mp3: Alluring Lura

Lura - Eclipse (Four Quarters)

If Lura sang in English instead of Portuguese, the diminutive Cape Verde singer might simply be considered a fine soul-jazz singer. The flawless arrangements, vocal precision, and emotional commitment all bear witness to a singer in her prime.
Lura - Eclipse - on SoundRoots.orgFrom the bittersweet title track to the upbeat morality tale of "Mascadjon / Freeloader" Lura simply nails every note. The songs on Eclipse may be specifically about Cape Verde -- neighbors, poverty, parties, love, dancing -- but these are also universal themes, and this gorgeous album should have appeal far beyond a typical "world music" audience.

Lura was born in Lisbon, Portugal, though she obviously has strong ties to her family homeland. "I sing the music of my parents' country," she says. "I identify especially with the islands of Santiago and Santo Antao, since they're my father's and mother's islands. Singing the music of Cape Verde is like experiencing things I've never known, but that are still somehow mine."

[mp3] Lura: Quebrod Nem Djosa (Poor as a Church Mouse)
from Eclipse

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