03 July 2009

The Music of Iran

Spin The Globe doesn't take political sides, but we do side with free expression and the rule of law. In honor of the people fighting for those in Iran, today's show features a variety of Persian music, from traditional to modern. And in the second hour, new releases and other fun stuff.

The Music of Iran: Spin The Globe playlist for 3 July 2009
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Artist - Song - AlbumPersian Iranian kamancheh - on SoundRoots.org

Hour 1
Monika Jalili - Biya Bare Safar Bandim / Let’s Be on Our Way - Elan
Sussan Deyhim - Meykhaneh - Madmen of God
Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan - Shurangiz Improvisation - Endless Vision
Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat - The Flower of a Paradise Garden - Songs from a Persian Garden
Trio Chemirani - Yazdah - Rough Guide to Iran
Barad - Dar Har Rage Man / Within Each of My Veins - Rough Guide to Iran
Zohreh Jooya & Madjid Derakhshani - I am Baffled About You - Music of the Persian Mystics
Niyaz - Ishq: Love and the Veil - Nine Heavens
Wikhoe/G Anakhoe - Lohi - Sacred Music of the World
Axiom of Choice - Parvaz / Flight - Niya Yesh
Notes of Kin - Who are the Chosen People? - Advance single from band

Hour 2
Ceu - Comadi - Vagarosa
Ba Cissoko - Nina - Seno
Baka Beyond - Marriage of East and West - Beyond the Forest
Greg Wall’s Later Prophets - Ha’tzofeh Le’Tovah (Hebrew Version) - Ha’Orot
[dunkelbunt] Feat Raf Mc & Fanfare Ciocarlia - The Chocolate Butterfly - Morgenlandfahrt
Madera Limpia - Loco - La Corona
Kartick & Gotam - Boye Boye - Business Class Refugees
Oran Etkin - Brink - Kelenia
James Whetzel - On the Eve of - My Road to Somewhere
Sila & the Afrobeat Experience - Live It Up - Black President
Nickodemus - Just Move feat. MC Kwasi (Zeb edit) - Sun People
Guy Sigsworth - Cuba Boom - The Revolution Present Revolution

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