02 July 2009

This Ain't Twitter

I heard a radio piece today about a music reviewer who tweets his reviews. Yes, he compresses his musings into haiku-like dispatches of 140 characters. It's intriguing, though not enough to make me want to join yet another social networking site. Still, there's something to the Rail Band - Belle Epoque 3 Dioba - on SoundRoots.orgshort-form review, particularly when one's desk (I didn't say my desk, I said one's desk - stop pointing fingers) is weighed down by a multitude of new releases clamoring for attention. So herewith, the first (only?) installment of SoundRoots world music review haikus. Enjoy.

Rail Band: Belle Epoque 3 Dioba (Stern's Africa)
Strings shimmer, vocals
by Salif, Mory, two fine
new-old Rail Band disks.

Lura: Eclipse (Four Quarters)
Cape Verde chanteuse
Lura sings island songs both
spicy and so sweetFula Flute - Mansa America - on SoundRoots.org

Fula Flute: Mansa America
(Completely Nuts)
Fulani flute rule:
no blowing without grunting
also: praise Barack.

Amadou & Mariam: Welcome to Mali (Nonesuch)
Albarn helps craft more
great African blues ("Djuru"!)
and some near misses.

Can you feel the meditative bliss soaking into your soul?

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