17 August 2009

Monday's mp3: NeoRetro Samba

Clara Moreno: Miss Balanço
(Far Out Recordings, 2009)

Though her promo material is replete with dubious claims -- what could it mean that "Clara Moreno embodies her image"? -- her new CD is a winning item. The Brazilian singer's sixth recording reaches back to classic samba rhythms and instruments, and forward with modern production values and sprinklings of jazz. The quality of the album certainly rests in part with Moreno's mother/producer Joyce.
Clara Morena - Miss Balanco - on SoundRoots.org
"Samba has always been in my heart," Moreno says. "Having flirted with various styles, from electronic to Bossa Nova, when Joe Davis asked me for a new disc I saw the opportunity to explore samba. We arrived at 'Sambalanço'. I feel very comfortable with this music."

Monday's mp3: Clara Moreno: Bebete
from the album Miss Balanço

More Clara Moreno:
label website

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Anonymous said...

This is a Great song, love the vibe and beat of NeoRtro Samba. very Cool!