14 September 2009

Audio gifts for Spin The Globe

Think back: It's 1999 and Apple releases the Power Macintosh G4. John F. Kennedy, Jr. dies in a plane crash, President Clinton is acquitted of perjury and obstruction of justice, Pokemon is huge, George W. Bush announces a run for the White House, and everyone knows the name Elian Gonzales. We're all a little edgy about Y2K but excited about The Matrix.

On the global music front, Cumba Gallo wins a Kora Award (video), Tarkan wins a World Music Award (video), Ali Farka Toure has just released the album Niafunke, Fela Kuti's son Femi starts establishing his own identity with Shoki Shoki, and Putumayo first branched out into kids' music with World Playground. And at a little radio station named KAOS nestled within the moist embrace of a Douglas fir forest, a world-music radio show is born.

This Friday, Spin The Globe celebrates 10 years on the air, and you can be a part of the party. Listen in, of course. And you've even got a chance to hear your voice on the air. Through airtime, Spin The Globe is soliciting comments, congratulations, and such at Spin The Globe's voicemail line: 646-402-5676, x76238. Simply call and leave a short message, and it may play on the air during Friday's show.

Of course, you can also contact Spin The Globe via email. And then listen in to hear the show, the music, and listener comments on 10 years of world music in your ears.

Spin The Globe: living locally and grooving globally since 1999!

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