01 September 2009

Monday's mp3: Turkish Tunes + Sami Songs

A large pile of new releases beckons, but this week it was an old album that recaptured my attention. The Finnish group Vilddas blends traditional Sami music and joiking with jazz, rock, and Turkish influences. Yeah, sounds like an odd combination, but they pull it off in compelling fashion.

Vilddas released two albums, a self-titled CD in 2000 and Háliidan in 2003. Since then the group seems to have lapsed in activity, with neither new music nor updates to their websites. Which is unfortunate, given the engaging music they were making. If anyone knows what's up with the group or its members today, please speak up!

[mp3] Vilddas: Dola Mun Cahkkehan
from the album Háliidan

More Vilddas:
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