15 October 2009

Family Time with the Marleys

Ziggy Marley: Family Time (Tuff Gong)

It's not a lack of young children in my day that keeps me away from most kids' albums. It's that, you know, smarmy sheen that most of the albums give off. So these days I approach any children's CD with trepidation. Not only does Ziggy Marley's Family Time surpass my admittedly low expectations, it's truly a joy on the ears. While clearly intended for younger listeners with its simple melodies and clear, positive messages, Family Time is a wholesome dose of light reggae that won't offend older listeners.

You may even find yourself singing along, as when mom Rita and sister Cedella Marley join Ziggy on "I Love You Too." Ziggy's "ABC" is the freshest alphabet song in ages, and the spoken-word recording of Jamie Lee Curtis' poem "Is There Really a Human Race" makes a powerful, positive (if oddly music-free) statement about humanity to close out this uplifting CD. Definitely recommended for young and youthful listeners.

You can even enter a contest by making a video for the song "Ziggy Says" -- just follow the instructions and submit your entry by Dec. 15. Of course, this should be a family project!

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