30 October 2009

Global Nightclub

various artists: Jazz Around the World (Putumayo)

World Torch? Global Nightclub? There's got to be a better title for this disc, which may fall under the broad umbrella of "jazz," but is certainly a narrow slice of the global jazz available today. Granted, Putumayo are playing to the audience they've built up with their relatively smooth, accessible series of CDs, and the included artists provide 11 interesting, quality tracks.

The songs -- from artists ranging from Cameroonian Blick Bassy to Maori Mataraina Pipi -- have a certain soft sameness that will appeal to fans of Sade more than those of Mingus. Often the songs feel more like pop ballads than jazz, the gentle familiarity reinforced by the inclusion of a couple cover songs. Keletigui Diabate teams up with Habib Koite his band Bamada on the balafon-led "Summertime at Bamako" and the Kora Jazz Trio plays a delicious Africanized version of the Cuban classic "Chan Chan" woven from kora along with the traditional piano.

Full Tracklist:Putumayo Presents Jazz Around the World - on SoundRoots.org
1. La Mer - Chantal Chamberland
2. Quiereme Mucho - Niuver
3. Donalina - Blick Bassy
4. Chan Chan - Kora Jazz Trio
5. Young And Naive - Heather Rigdon
6. J'aime Mon Lit - Kad
7. Polka Dot Bles - Sherele
8. Te Reo O Papatuanuku - Kataraina Pipi
9. Summertime At Bamako - Bamada/Habib Koite/Keletigui Diabate
10. Destinos - Asere/Billy Cobham
11. Open The Door - Hugh Masekela/Malaika

Jazz Around the World is a fine CD, just be aware of just what kind of jazz you're getting.

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