03 October 2009

Secret Afrobeat Agent

I've been itching to share some new Tony Allen with you, since my affection for the pioneering Afrobeat drummer is perhaps the worst-kept secret on SoundRoots. One of the best-kept secrets has been his new album Secret Agent, which a promotions person (whose name shall remain secret to protect the generous) sent me some months ago, only to extract a promise from me not to make it public. Which led, of course, to much inner anguish and a reluctant silence. Now, my friends, the silence can officially be broken, and I offer you the title track. The rest of the album is just as good. Listen, groove, rejoice.

Secret AgentTony Allen
"Secret Agent" (mp3)
from Secret Agent (World Circuit)
More On This Album

“Music is my mission,” says Allen. “I never get satisfied and I’m still learning from others. The musical world is very spiritual, and I don’t think there’s an end to it.”

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Short film on the album Secret Agent:

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