21 November 2009

Baaba Maal on Television

Baaba Maal's discography goes back more than a decade, and he's always shown an inclination to blend the sounds of his native Senegal with other influences, from reggae to funk and, on his latest CD Television, electronica. The Brazilian Girls co-produced the album, and you can hear their modern New York sound in there, as on the title track "Television." To be honest, I don't think this is Baaba Maal at his best, though I appreciate his open-mindedness.

More to my liking is an alternative version of the song "International," which you can hear below.

'International' became a crowd favorite as it evolved with new layers and instrumentation. This extended version deviates from the original with its prominent horn section and added rhythms, yet it maintains the high quality of a studio recording.

Here's the video for "Television":

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