11 January 2010

Monday's mp3: A Binaural Tour of East Africa

various artists: Ensigo-East Africa in Binaural (Ensigo)

A compilation of binaural field recordings by Aaron Appleton, this album runs the gamut from vocal polyphonies and polyrhythmic drumming to a group spoken word piece on AIDS and one track evocatively entitled "Drunk, & Playing Guitar in Kigali's Streets."

The songs -- from Uganda and Rwanda -- were recorded in a variety of locations including churches, mud huts, bedrooms, town halls, and out in the open air. The recordings are generally good quality, and the whole experience feels like driving through cities and rural areas stopping occasionally to listen to local sounds.

Notes on the artists, locations, and songs would be most welcome, but in general this is a promising album from an aspiring young Alan Lomax. Set your own price for downloading the album at the link below.

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