08 January 2010

New Releases & Old Faves: Spin The Globe playlist for 08 January 2010

This week: new world music releases, and some of our favorite older tunes. Sorry I wasn't able to fulfill the request of the caller asking for Inuit women's throat singing--there wasn't any to be found in the KAOS music library (but there's a nice explanatory video here). Will get to that in a future show.
Also, please note that I'll be on vacation next week and the show will be hosted by David Moseley, the regular host of KAOS's Xenophilia show. If possible, I'll post the archive of that show after I return from my journey. And I'll be back with you on January 22 for a show featuring music from hot lands.

New Releases & Old Faves: Spin The Globe playlist for 08 January 2010
as heard on radio KAOS, 89.3 FM

Listen/download for a limited time at: soundroots.podomatic.com
More show info at spintheglobe.earball.net

Artist - Song - Album

Hour 1
Lo’Jo - C’est La Vie - Bazar Savant
Ipercussonici - Ula - Tuttipari
Seheno - Teo - Ka
La Otrabanda - Viene Temporal - Pueblo Vivo / Vibrant People
Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson - Fantasia de Fuego - New World Flamenco
Chambao - Comeme - En El Fin del Mundo
Siora - Shney Shoshanim - Vision of the Dry Bones
Varttina - Fanfaari - Seleniko
Vocal Baobab - Orula - Afro-Cuban Chants
Either/Orchestra - Antchim Endelela - Live in Addis: Ethiopiques 20
Jerry Leake - Chrysalis - Cubist
Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Oy Division - Ekh lyuli lyuli - The Unternationale
!Dela Dap - Shukar Dijes - Sara La Kali
Balval - Loli Rokla - Blizzard Boheme

Hour 2
Les Amazones de Guinee - Zawi - Wamato
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate - Kala Djula - single from Ali & Toumani
Susana Baca - Siempre - Travesias
Susheela Raman - Mamavatu - Salt Rain
Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra - O Se Shalom - East Atlanta Passover Stomp
Deniz Gezmis Oynicam! Feat. Yuzzuf Kenan Billy G. - Sultan Tunc - Beyond Istanbul 2 - Urban Sounds Of Turkey
Zed Nkabinde - Inkonjane Jive - Next Stop…Soweto
L’Orchestre Jeunesse de Paul-Emile Haliar - La Vie Critique - Tumbele
Mamar Kassey - Foulbe Gari - Alatoumi
Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu - Mulatu of Ethiopia
Mounira Mitchala - Assamony - Talou Lena
Sahel Band - Thierno Diop - Sahel Band
Mahmoud Fadl - Ya Beer Zamzam - Cairosonic
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Amy feat. Zoumana Tereta - I Speak Fula
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