24 February 2010

SoundRoots Tendrils

All: Just a note to let you know that along with our recent site remodel, you'll see a few other changes around here as well. Because the Spin The Globe playlists and podcasts are available elsewhere, I won't continue to post them here. You can always find the playlist details at Spin The Globe; and podcasts of the 4-5 most recent shows are available at Podomatic. Oh, and if you have suggestions for future Spin The Globe theme shows, don't be shy about speaking up. Leave a comment or email info [at] soundroots [dot] org.

You'll also be seeing a number of shorter CD reviews here, if the weight of them bearing down on our overladen desk is any indication. Lots of good releases and shows coming up soon, and we'll try to stay on top of it all for you, giving a roundup if not full-blown reviews.

Finally, remember that you can follow SoundRoots via Facebook here: http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/soundroots_world_music_global_culture/

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