24 March 2010

Listening to Venezuela

Today, guest blogger Adrian Fischer of FlyinFisch talks about some fresh music from Venezuela.

Masseratti 2lts:
Masseratti 2lts is a cross genre, down-tempo melting pot of sound with distinctly Venezuelan harmonic elements. The twin brothers Gomez, one living in Caracas and the other in Ibiza, have managed to fuse the best of their two worlds, bringing us a beautiful travel experience through imagination and lush soundscapes.  The organic blend of carefully placed voices in English, Spanish and French, synths, keyboards and pianos along with hypnotic electro-acoustic beats will carry you on a pulsing magic carpet ride between continents.
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La Vida Bohème:
Here is a fresh blast of raw energy shooting straight at us with a punk attitude. This band is a raging ball of uninhibited desire to live and be dramatic about it.  They build climax upon climax with train-like momentum, which can make a full on crowd hop to its feet in sync. While referencing the unfairness of this world and the need to protect our rights, they still never forget to have fun, albeit with a healthy dose of revolutionary spirit! 

When I listen to Nuuro’s music I can feel his intimate vocals as if he had recorded them in his bedroom, which indeed, he did!  The pensive lyrics carried by the drum & bass-style beats, candy coated with toy-like synths on his debut album “All Clear” quickly grabbed my attention - a great assembly of soft vocals and hard beats.  In his second album “Reddest Ruby” he truly expanded his sound into profound aural landscapes that carry the listener even deeper into his unique conceptual consciousness. His future is a bright one and I am very excited to hear what he will bring us next!

Los Amigos Invisibles: 
Los Amigos have created a party lion of good vibes and kind of crude, but sexy lyrics that you can really dance to!  An adventurous new blend of traditional afro-Cuban rhythms with funky guitar licks and disco flavor all the way. Seeing them live will reaffirm to any doubters how seriously they take this dancing machine. Because they are exceptional musicians, they are always able to encapsulate the great Venezuelan party into exciting well-crafted new music.

Tulio Chuecos:
Tulio Chuecos music sounds like weave melodies wrapping around expanding harmonic motifs that slowly but surely turn into full on masterpieces. Tulio Chuecos’ words flow gently through your mind while the phasy and fuzzy guitars build rock dreams. While I am reminded of a certain Radiohead flavor, their music is distinct enough to merit serious songwriting credit. They have managed to carve out their own colorful and powerful balance of vocals that are worlds within themselves. Expansive in texture and meaning, this is music that will strike a nerve in any real rock music lover.

As a musician Adrian Fischeris influenced by the sounds of his native Venezuela, though his positive, conscious music is generally more in the pop-reggae vibe. You can hear several of his songs at http://download.themusebox.net/flyinfisch/ Thanks for the info Adrian!

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