25 March 2010

Tango 3.0

Are Gotan Project still cool? Their electro-tango has been widely imitated, and their song "Epoca" has even been featured in TV ads for dish detergent and beauty products. But we still have a soft spot for their music, and we're looking forward to their new album, Tango 3.0, set to be released on April 19. Naked bodies spell out the band's name, and there's a fair amount of skin and talcum powder in the teaser video.

You can watch the full video here. Hope the music is just as engaging. Enjoy this teaser track.

[mp3] Gotan Project: La Gloria
from Tango 3.0

Complete Tango 3.0 tracklist:
1. Tango Square
Tango 3.02. Rayuela
3. Desilusion
4. Peligro
5. La Gloria
6. Mil Milones
7. Tu Misterio
8. De Hombre a Hombre
9. El Mensajero
10. Panamericana
11. Erase Una Vez


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