17 April 2010

Top 10 Global Albums - April 2010

Spin The Globe’s Top 10 World Music Albums – April 2010
  1. Lila Downs y La Misteriosa: En Paris Live a Fip
  2. Te Vaka: Haoloto
  3. Razia Said: Zebu Nation
  4. VM Bhatt & Matt Malley: Sleepless Nights
  5. Angelique Kidjo: Oyo
  6. Three Ality: ‘t Minne
  7. Al-Andalus Ensemble: 21 Strings
  8. Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band: Devaloka
  9. Markscheider Kunst: Utopia
  10. Red Baraat: Chall Baby
Lila Downs' delicious live performance tops our list this month, followed by Pan-Polynesian group Te Vaka, Malagasy singer Razia Said, the sublime sounds of sacred slide guitar from VM Bhatt & Matt Malley, and Angelique Kidjo's biographical new album. Then the Dutch trio Three Ality, the sounds of Andalusia from Al-Andalus Ensemble, pumped-up kirtan from Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, the Russian ska and stuff from Markscheider Kunst, and finally a serious bhangra-funk party album from NYC-based Red Baraat. It's a sweet and diverse list, so check out the albums if you haven't heard them yet.

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