14 June 2010

Monday's mp3: All Blues, No Water

Etran Finatawa: Tarkat Tajje / Let's Go! (Riverboat)
Their Saharan brethren Tinariwen may have gotten all the love at the World Cup opening concert, but any lover of desert guitar blues will also be keeping track of Etran Finatawa, the Niger-based group, whose third album was recently released. The combination of sparse rhythms with guitar and vocal melodies evoke a transcendent feeling, while the lyrics talk of water, dancing, family gatherings, the changing world, brotherhood, and other elements of everyday life. The song "Diam Walla" concerns communities that face the problem of water shortages while the weather keeps getting hotter.

[mp3] Etran Finatawa: Diam Walla (No Water)
from the album Tarkat Tajje / Let's Go!

Founded in 2004, Etran Finatawa's previous albums include Introducing Etran Finatawa (2006, World Music Network), and Desert Crossroads (2008, Riverboat).

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