04 June 2010

Reader Check-in + Free Tunes!

Dear SoundRoots readers, old and new:

I just want to check in with you about a few things. It is for you, after all, that SoundRoots exists. Yes, this is an outlet for sharing news, music, and reviews about global sounds, but without readers we might just as well form a little SoundRoots club and get together locally once a week for a potluck. The blog aims to be just as much fun (though sadly without the edibles), but on a much wider scale.

Comments have been thin recently, so either you are all reading via some blog aggregator that doesn't allow you to comment easily, or you're just taking SoundRoots for granted. Or maybe we need to do things a little differently. I could throw together some sort of poll, but first we'll try the short-answer/short-essay format. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all of the following questions:

1. Does the advertisement on the top of the site annoy you? It's a rare attempt at creating a trickle of revenue for the site's maintenance. It really is a trickle, though, so if it's annoying to more than a few of you, we'll give it the old heave-ho.

2. If the ad does annoy you (or even if it doesn't), would you be willing to contribute a small amount via our PayPal donate button? This helps support SoundRoots and bring you the weekly podcast of Spin The Globe (always available at http://soundroots.podomatic.com).

3. Would you be interested in seeing more artist interviews posted on SoundRoots? We have an archive of them and frequently add new interviews (usually aired on Spin The Globe). We could post transcripts and/or audio, if there's a demand.

4. Do you have suggestions for artists or types of music we haven't covered on SoundRoots? If so, make specific recommendations and we'll do what we can! Or you can volunteer to write a guest post.

5. What else would make SoundRoots more appealing and more relevant to you? Short of giving away free iPads and posting porn videos, we're open to your nuttiest ideas.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and feedback and comments. Please keep those comments coming, they fuel this whole crazy global adventure!

Finally, a little musical reward for reading (and, of course, responding to) all this. First a little highlife from Colorado-based Euforchestra:

<a href="http://backbonestudio.bandcamp.com/track/euforquestra-soup">Euforquestra - Soup by Backbone Studio</a>

You can download the whole album free here, or pay a little and get some bonus tracks.

And how about a little Brazilian music? This track is also available free.

<a href="http://luisamaita.bandcamp.com/album/lero-lero">Lero-Lero - FREE DOWNLOAD!! by Luísa Maita</a>

Remember to give some feedback on your SoundRoots experience as you're enjoying the music!

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Shen said...

Hey Scott,

I use Google Reader so I don't see any of your advertising, sorry.

As for suggestions, how about some Tibetan fusion (eg Tibet2Timbuk2)?!

Parison said...

A great blog. with all this beautiful music there is no need to comment.
you write-we listen.
thanks for the hard work you put into it,

Omri (Israel)

LeRoc said...

I have been commenting a bit in the past, but I have the impression that the music featured on this site the last couple of weeks has become a little more electronic. I am not saying to leave out the electronic music, but please alse keep some of the more "folksy" stuff. I'll try to comment more later.

Andy D. (SF Bay area) said...

I check in to your site every week or so. It's a valuable source for me to find new music.
I don't even notice the ads.
Count on a donation coming soon.
My musical interests are mostly African NSE&W, especially music from Mali.
Thanks again.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks, all. Contributions are up already, though not quite to the point of covering Podomatic for another year.

Thanks for the feedback on the ads...I suspected from their low impact that people may be bypassing them via syndication readers. I appreciate the input.

LeRoc -- I may have swung a bit toward the electronic, but acoustic music is generally more my taste. Will look to do more of that in coming posts.

And Andy -- now that the USA has overcome the obstacle of Malian refereeing, I may well feel like posting more music from Mali. Bygones and all that. Keep reading.

Scott of the nation SoundRoots