09 June 2010

The Red Carpet...

Well, there's no red carpet at the KAOS annual award banquet, but the way we community radio programmers eat, that's probably a good thing. And this isn't the freshest news, since the awards were a couple (okay, three) weeks ago. But along with the good food, sunshine, and general fun ambiance at the Evergreen Farmhouse local (think reggae + chicken noises), there were several noteworthy moments.

For one, Spin The Globe was selected as co-champion in the category of "favorite show" of the KAOS volunteers and staff, sharing the honors with the amazing Retroactive show hosted by JJ Syrja. With the amazing variety of programming on the air at KAOS and diversity in musical interests among KAOSians, it was a pleasant surprise for Spin The Globe to be chosen. Really pleasant!

The selection of Retroactive comes as less of a surprise to me, given JJ's amazing mind for music, his great playlists, and the unassuming way he shares his knowledge about the artists who hang around the roots of rock, soul, and such. I'm humbled by his kind words about my own show in a recent post on his blog.

The event also saw a rare convergence of the weekday KAOS world-music programmers:

Monday-Friday 10am-Noon World Music hosts (l to r) Anch Bergeson, "Island Time;" Juli Kelen, "Cover the Earth;" Don Loft "Scatterlings of Africa;" David Moseley, "Xenophilia" and Scott Stevens, "Spin the Globe"

Remember, you can follow Spin The Globe on Facebook as well as catching archived shows on Podomatic.
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