01 July 2010

For the Days Between Matches: World Cup Quarterfinals Mix

I've been working on a couple of upcoming World Cup-related radio shows (music of South Africa July 2; battle of the finalists July 9), but this first break between games was getting to me nonetheless. So to fill the void -- and as a thank you to the listeners who have already made donations toward the hosting of Spin The Globe's show archives on Podomatic -- here's some bonus World Cup music for you from the eight countries in the quarterfinals.

Sorry I'm a bit weak on music from Paraguay: musical suggestions/donations are welcome. I hope this will help introduce you to some new artists and sounds, since it's not exactly your stereotypical music lineup. Oh, and don't be put off by the goofy track by Schäl Sick Brass Band; in truth they're very nontraditional, blending German and Turkish and African music with a great horn section. This song doesn't represent their sound, though they always use it as a show opener "to irritate the audience a bit".

It's back to the pitch tomorrow, and you can keep this playing as you watch. And please consider a donation to help keep Spin The Globe up and running on Podomatic, so you won't miss a single episode of our regularly scheduled programming. It's a quick, safe Paypal-powered transaction via the "Donate" button on the right.

    01    Rumbasoltes - La Troba Kung-Fú (Spain)    4:09   
    02    Los Mareados - Tango Sur Trio (Uruguay)    3:52   
    03    Daan'de Cheeli - Don't Be a Stranger (Netherlands)    5:16       
    04    Okuan Tsentsen Awar - CK Mann (Ghana)    6:45       
    05    Hochheidecksburg - Schäl Sick Brass Band (Germany)    2:47   
    06    Pequeño paria - Daniel Melingo (Argentina)    6:45       
    07    Aquecimento das Novinhas - MC Kebra Kama (Brazil)     2:33       
    08    Comeme - Chambao (Spain)    3:31   
    09    Blanqueada - Los Lopez (Uruguay)    3:56       
    10    Oud Grijsaerd - Three Ality (Netherlands)    3:40   
    11    Salvador Não Inerte, Ladeira do Pelô - Olodum (Brazil)    3:29       
    12    Oro Se Vie - Corvus Corax (Germany)    3:31       
    13    El rejunte voraz - Actitud María Marta (Argentina)    3:46       
    14    Biricunyamba - Grupo Del Cuareim (Uruguay)    3:08       
    15    Wyrapypasa - Augustin Peralta & Pedro Gonzalez (Paraguay)    3:33
    16    Yaba Funk - Captain Yaba (Ghana)    5:43   
    17    Vigilia - Tumbatú Cumbá  (Argentina)    4:59

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