27 July 2010

Monday's mp3: The Forest Is Crying

Why is the forest crying? I can only assume the trees are weeping with joy over the sublime harmonies on this 1988 album. Returning from a weekend in the forest myself, I stopped at a thrift shop in Monroe, Washington and found a few interesting items. The two CDs from a Greek child singer remained on the shelf, but this one was too good to pass up.

Those three ladies on the cover in their full (if faded) ethnic garb? They're "Bulgaria's leading vocal trio" -- or they were back in 1988. And that's not just record-label hyperbole: coming from three different areas of Bulgaria, the singers -- Yanka Rupkina, Stoyanka Boneva, and Eva Georgieva --  create a sound that apparently encompasses the various cultures of the nation, a sound full of those rich polyphonies (in this case, triphonies?) that distinguish Central European music.

Apparently these ladies have also worked with Kate Bush, Transglobal Underground, and Prince, though they dropped off the radar around five years ago. Anyone know if they are still active?

[mp3] Trio Bulgarka: Oi Matze, Matze
from the album The Forest Is Crying (Lament for Indhe Voivode)

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LeRoc said...

Very nice harmony between the three voices!